Let’s meet in Amsterdam: inspirational day at the water

Preferably you would like to organize meetings, company trainings, brainstorming sessions, business meetings and workshops outside the office or away from home. Just a different environment, a different atmosphere and a different view, rather than being stuck between the same walls every day. Pllek offers a short escape from your daily routine and activities. Enjoy the outdoors and experience a little bit of freedom. An ideal place to get inspired, stimulated, become acquainted with new cultures and gain new insights.  

Our meeting room provides space for a max. of 200 people, depending on the chosen setup. But also for smaller groups the room offers many possibilities to create an intimate atmosphere.

We are detail-oriented

At Pllek, we make sure to organize meetings down to the last detail. We provide the needed facilities, such as Wi-Fi, a beamer and sound systems. Would you like to have breakfast, lunch, drinks and/or dinner? Multiple options are possible!

Possible meeting arrangements:




Wheelchair accessible 


  Sound installation 



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    Frequently Asked Questions

      How much does it cost to book your separate space at Pllek?2021-04-20T10:52:45+00:00

      In our brochure, which you can download HERE, you will find the information about the general prices. If you need more information, please send an email to and include as many details as possible concerning the specific event, meeting or dinner.

      Can I book the separate space at Pllek privately?2021-04-20T10:51:48+00:00

      Yes, the separate space at Pllek is always all yours. It is not possible that the space is rented fort wo parties at the same time. The small terrace and part of the beach belonging to the separate locations are fenced off, but not shielded from the rest of the terrace and beach. As such, you are visible to the other guests and you share the noise of fun and laughter.

      What are your cancellation policies?2021-04-20T10:51:03+00:00

      The complete cancellation policies will be send to you together with the quotation. If indeed the event cannot take place due to the corona measurements from the government, we can cancel/move the event cost free. If you choose to cancel, we are bound to our regular cancellation policies.

      Do you have a DJ-equipment and/or a PA-system?2021-04-20T10:50:37+00:00

      Yes, the necessary technical equipment is available. However, if you want to use them certain costs will be charged.

      What are your guidelines concerning own decorations?2021-04-20T10:50:11+00:00

      Bringing your own decoration is allowed, but consult with us first. Confetti and helium balloons are prohibited.

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