Group reservations at a unique location in Amsterdam

Do you want to make a group reservation? You are at the right place. From 9 people onwards we offer a Family-style dinner. You will enjoy a choice free dinner as we will serve you a selection of our menu. The dinner is served on different plates to share amongst your guests. As such, seated together on a large table, you will have a grant family dinner. The dishes are always a selection of our current menu and we will make sure it is a combination of vegetarian and non-vegetarian plates. Even though the courses are a surprise, we will make sure to take all dietary wishes into consideration.

To make a reservation for more than 8 people or if you have any questions, please e-mail to or call: +31 20 – 290 0020

Family-Style dinner in Amsterdam for a large group

Group reservations can be booked from 9 people onwards.

Drinks are always excluded from the arrangements. There are two Family-style options:
• Family-style 2-course dinner 31,- per person: three of our entrees, two of our main dishes.
• Family-style 3-course dinner 35,- per person: three of our entrees, two of our main dishes and a dessert.

Curious what to expect? Check out our current menu:


Tri-color beet salad with dill crème fraîche, Granny Smith apple, burrata and roasted almonds

Roasted eggplant (baba ghanoush) with poached egg, cumin, tahin, smoked pepper & pine nuts

Grilled white asparagus, with cream of artichoke and hazelnut, leek from the BBQ, wild garlic lemon oil, roasted marinated artichoke and watercress

Main dishes:

Indian curry of spring vegetables, with basmati rice, fried pappadum, a cabbage-raisin salad and a chutney of tomato & red onion

Wild boar merguez from the BBQ with piperade sauce, peas, lentils, roasted oxheart cabbage, turnip greens and a herb-lemon oil


Garden rhubarb with polenta crumble & yogurt ice cream