We want to inspire, stimulate and introduce people to other insights, different tastes and the unknown. Every season we serve a new menu and that is why we work with seasonal products from the neighborhood. For example, our vegetables grow on our own piece of land at farmer Wim Bijma. In addition, our chef Dimitry Mulder develops his own products from A to Z with raw ingredients. In that way the taste and nutrients remain pure.

Our menu is 75% vegetarian, of which is 25% vegan. We are not principally vegetarians, we appreciate a good piece of meat or fish, but with our menu we aim to make the carnivores curious about the special alternatives the vegetarian cuisine has to offer. We love good food. But with love and respect for nature.

“I mainly try to have our suppliers as close as possible to the neighborhood, partly because we often drive to the suppliers ourselves to collect our fresh products personally. But also to support local businesses. An example of that is that we collect all our vegetables ourselves from farmer Wim Bijma ”- Dimitry Mulder. Read the detailed interview HERE!


The greenhouse and land of WIM BIJMA is for chefs what the Chocolate Factory is for Sjakie. A vegetable mecca where chef Dimitry Mulder drives personally twice a week to care for and harvest his fresh organic vegetables. Since 2015, Pllek has its own piece of land where seasonal vegetables and various herbs grow throughout the year. The – official retired – farmer Wim has been growing his herbs and vegetables here for years, out of love for his profession of organic vegetables. A love and passion that he shares with chef Mulder. There are only a limited number of restaurants that are able to work with and buy from Wim and Pllek is genuinely happy that we are one of these restaurants.


Since 2014, Pllek has been certified by the VIS & SEIZOEN Foundation, which indicates that all fish are 100% sustainable, responsible and seasonal. We buy our fish from Jan van As and has consciously chosen to work with seasonal and sustainable fish. In addition, Pllek leaves the endangered fish species alone. You won’t see any tuna, skate or talbot on the menu and certainly no farmed fish.


In cooperation with Bakkerij Kaandorp we developed an airy sourdough bread without any additions, especially for Pllek. For example, the toast on our breakfast menu or the sourdough bread on the lunch menu. Or the sandwich that comes with the Wild Dog. The traditional family-owned Bakkerij Kaandorp from Edam has been around for over 75 years, they are a concept in Amsterdam and around. Crispy crusts, airy dough, full flavor.


Ingmar van Ingen ASK is the only wholesaler specialized in traditional Dutch regional and specialty cheeses. The team of cheese specialists selects authentic cheeses with a story who are made with passion for the profession and has a characteristic taste. You will find the selection, including two organic ones, on the dessert and drinks menu.


The wines on our menu are exclusively from Europe and are for the most part organic (and some also vegan). Together with our neigbours Karakter Wijnimport from Amsterdam Noord, we carefully select wines based on our seasonal menu. To ensure that everyone is aware of the best wine & food combinations, an extensive tasting is organized prior to the new season.