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“A quick look at the menu and it is immediately apparent that vegetables are the main focus, and both the quality and quantity thereof are considerably higher than we usually encounter. Logically, when you consider that Pllek is probably the largest purchaser of ‘vegetable-wishperer’ Wim Bijma, the acclaimed breeder of Osdorp. Thereby, is their meat and fish also sustainably produced.”

~ Hiske Versprille, PAROOL (8)

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For groups of 8 persons or more, we serve a Family Style Dinner
Two courses: 31,- | Three courses: 35,-

Since January 2018 we serve a 75% vegetarian menu, of which is 25% vegan. The Family Style Dinner for groups is also inspired by this. The courses are served on trays and consist of vegetarian dishes, supplemented with 1 meat dish. We always serve three different starters and two different main courses, entirely based on the number of people of course. This way you can taste everything!

Reservations for groups can only be made via mail.

We only work with wild meat and sustainably caught fish.
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