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You are welcome again from the 1st of June! On arrival we are obliged to ask a number of questions regarding your health. We may not be able to let you in unexpectedly. With a cold, a sore throat and / or (mild) fever complaints, we ask you to stay at home to avoid disappointments. Below information regarding our new policy:

  • Pllek is PIN ONLY
  • Reservations for up to 6 people
  • We work in shifts. Breakfast, lunch & drinks 1.5 hours and dinner 2.25 hours
  • Reservations can only be booked inside (and not on the terrace)
  • After your reservation, you can move to the terrace or beach – if there is room
  • You can also make a reservation at the door. We will check whether there is a table available in the restaurant or on the terrace
  • The beach remains open for semi-free access. You can choose a spot yourself, but we regulate the influx. Keep an appropriate distance in mind!
  • You can book online up to one hour in advance, otherwise it’s better to call us
  • Are you delayed? Call us, the mail will not be read after 17:00. Without any notice, your reservation expires after 30 minutes and we will make other guests happy