Group reservations at a unique location in Amsterdam

Do you want to make a group reservation? You are at the right place. From 9 people onwards we offer a Family-style dinner. You will enjoy a choice free dinner as we will serve you a selection of our menu. The dinner is served on different plates to share amongst your guests. As such, seated together on a large table, you will have a grant family dinner. The dishes are always a selection of our current menu and we will make sure it is a combination of vegetarian and non-vegetarian plates. Even though the courses are a surprise, we will make sure to take all dietary wishes into consideration. 

Family-Style dinner in Amsterdam for a large group

Group reservations can be booked from 9 people onwards to a maximum of 16.

Drinks are always excluded from the arrangements. There are two Family-style options:
• Family-style 2-course dinner 31,- per person: three of our entrees, two of our main dishes. 
• Family-style 3-course dinner 35,- per person: three of our entrees, two of our main dishes and a dessert. 

Curious what to expect? Check out our current menu!


Do you want to enjoy drinks at Pllek and are you with more than 15 people? In that case you can reserve one of our cosy sofa corners, if it is still available. We have two of these cosy corners at Pllek, of which one can be transferred into a large space for everyone to enjoy the drinks together. At these corners you can stand, sit or hang with all your friends. Just relax and let our Pllek personal stake your orders.  

For more information or if you want to make a reservation, call 020 290 0020 or send an email to