We have lockers in the hallway near the toilets. The use of a locker costs € 2.00. Keep in mind that you will lose this € 2.00 once you open the locker again!

Yes, parking at Pllek costs 1.40 p/h. From 9 am to 7 pm.

On Friday and Saturday the ferry will sail until 3:00 AM. From Sunday to Thursday the last ferry sails at 01:49. View HERE the four hours of the regular ferry and HERE the night ferry.

View HERE the departure times of the regular ferry and HERE the night ferry. However, the ferry from Buiksloterweg sails through the night. Cycle through the industrial area to Buiksloterweg in 10 minutes. View all other spring times HERE.

Yes, all days of the week it’s paid parking at NDSM (parking lot next to Pllek). You pay € 1.40 an hour until 7 pm.

On Sundays you cannot reserve a table until 6 pm . But, do come! Maybe you have to wait a little bit, but we are very happy to serve our delicious food to you.

Don’t panic! Call us on +3120 2900 020, we will not read our mail after 6pm. If you don’t call and you are more than 45 minutes late, we will cancel your reservation. But we really appreciate it if you can give us a quick call!
You can make a reservation up to 2 hours in advance via the internet, if you want to make a reservation in a shorter term you can reach us by telephone at +3120 2900 020.
Unfortunately, you cannot reserve a table outside. Have you reserved a table inside, but do you spot an empty table outside? Let us kno and we will move your bill to the new table and we will make someone else happy with your table inside.
We have a walk-in during the day and therefore you cannot reserve tables. From 6 pm it is possible to reserve a table. You can make a reservation here.
Unfortunately, you cannot pay in a split form with us.

Yes, that’s possible! We accept American Express, Visa and Mastercard.

Our giftvouchers are sold per 25 euros and available at our bar. They are not available online.

No unfortunately! At Pllek we don’t have a jetty. But on the NDSM there are plenty of options for mooring.

Sorry, but no. Pllek is a restaurant. You can, of course, make a delicious photo of our food. Please do! But we prefer not to have an extensive photo shoot in our restaurant or on the beach. You can always mail us if you have more questions: info@pllek.nl

No, unfortunately! Or at least, we are not fond of bachelor parties with bells and whistles (read: costumes, beer competitions and other activities that determine the atmosphere in our restaurant). If you come for a nice get-together or a drink and keep it quiet, you are more than welcome!

Yes! Dogs are always welcome as long as they are on a leash and other guests are not bothered.

We can take into account (almost) all allergies, ask our colleagues in the restaurant which dishes are suitable for you. Please note: all our dishes can contain traces.