Sitting together for a while is much more than that. It is something very profound if we also connect through the sounds of our heart. It touches our deep inner self. An under-skin experience. This is what we would do back in the days, sitting around the fire for eternity and tell each other how IT IS.

On this evening at Pllek we come together to meditate and sing, guided by the beautiful sounds of the harmonium, guitar and other instruments.

Kirtan is a Sanskrit word meaning “praise” or “eulogy.” It’s also known as sankirtana and is used to describe a form of call-and-response chanting involving mantras or hymns. It’s a tradition that originates in Indian religions, notably Sikhism, Buddhism and Vaishnavism. The chanting is carried out alongside instruments, such as cymbals, harmonium or drums and is often practiced in conjunction with acting performances and storytelling. The subject matter can be of religious context, but may also cover mythology or current social matters.​

This kirtan is led by Bianka Duka (of Youniverse), Tobia and other musicians.

A contribution of €15 is requested for participation
Start: 17:00 hrs

Info & Tickets

  • Sun 26 Feb
  • 17:00 - 19:00