Celebrate love at Pllek! Take your partner, best friend, mother or flirt on a date: enjoy a three-course dinner and snuggle up during the movie ‘True Romance’.

A romantic table for two, a starter and main course of your choice and a dessert with two spoons to share! The best way to really get to know someone (; The music will be provided by singer-songwriter May Evans, with Dutch neo-soul and R&B. Her lyrics are poëtic, her music sensual and funky. Especially for this night, May will play both her own music and dreamy love song classics.

After dinner you can choose a seat for the movie. Grab a beanbag and a blanket and watch the movie with a complementary Beefeater cocktail (Clover Club) and popcorn!

And the movie? That is ‘True Romance‘, a classic written by Quentin Tarantino. Not your average love story! This romantic crime film from 1993 follows the life of Clarence, who works in a comic store. Clarence falls in love with callgirl Alabama. When he confronts Alabama’s pimp with the message that she doesn’t want to work as a callgirl anymore, things go south. Shootings, drugs, a manhunt, but also love and longing: a romantic rollercoaster!

Tickets: €49 p.p. 

Start dinner: 17:30 – 18:00
Walk-in movie: from 19:45
Start movie: 20:15

Info & Tickets

  • Tue 14 Feb
  • 17:30 - 22:15