An audio-visual journey; through spoken word, extravagant homemade costumes, dance, and visuals, you are immersed in the worlds of fronthuman Inez.

LaPiratesse is the performance band of the creative all-rounder Inez Wolters. Inez approaches her songs as visual live clips and uses the stage to protest and activate. In each song, she transforms into a different character, each time wearing a different, self-made, extravagant outfit. She takes her audience through her thoughts, questions, and dreams about today and tomorrow. She does this in a personal way that manages to touch on universal themes of (gender) equality, femininity, technological and natural revolutions, as well as poverty and loneliness. Alongside musicians Wouter de Belder, Eva Korse, Willem Heylen, and visual artist Sander Verbiest, Inez creates an exceptional total experience, a new universe, with a rich mix of modern classical, jazz, pop-rock, world music, as well as dance, visuals, fashion design, and spoken word.

The benchmark? As long as it grates, alienates, opens your mind, or makes your heart pound. Influenced by the character changes of David Bowie, the intensity of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, the vibe of Wende, and the magical surrealism of Sigur Ros, this band mercilessly swings you from poetic to hard-hitting and back again. “With a fronthuman who doesn’t sing but has something to say!”

“We love the word fluïd
We love her
We love they
And we love him
And no, we don’t have to choose
And yes, that’s ok”[Boxes]


Mani Chi

✨ A Spiritual Odyssey of Beats!

Embark on a spiritual and musical odyssey together with Mani Chi. Expect uplifting music between a variety of Balearic, Dub & Global Beats. A true curator of vibes and energy, Mani Chi’s set is bound to be a soulful journey that connects every heart on the dance floor.

Yin & Yang, Sister of the Sun ☀️

Entrance is free!


Info & Tickets

  • Sat 04 Nov
  • 22:00 - 00:00