Café Oogst | Suka-Bumi

Welcome to Café de Oogst at Pllek!
This unique cultural event, organized by Suka Bumi, highlights the power of visual storytelling from the Indonesian, Moluccan, and Papuan cultures. Free entrance, we invite you to join us for an evening full of inspiration and creativity. Register on the website and discover how stories come to life!

About Café de Oogst
Café de Oogst is a cultural event organized by Suka Bumi that focuses on the visual aspect of storytelling. Stories from the Indonesian, Moluccan, or Papuan culture are conveyed in various ways. By visualizing stories, they are captured. Expect a program where creators with different expertise take us through their process and tell how they are inspired by their roots to achieve their harvest.

When you pull your roots out of the ground, what do you see? Which aspects of your roots do you want to preserve and nurture? Which do you leave behind? By cherishing and nourishing what you want to keep, new fruits emerge. The harvest represents the visible result of everyone’s personal story. How each person plants a seed in their own way and has cultivated their own unique fruit.

Suka Bumi
Originating from the need to capture and make portable stories from the shared culture. Sukabumi means ‘source of happiness’ and is a place name in West Java. Separately, Suka Bumi means ‘I love the earth’, a reference to the place where the roots of these stories are located. Café de Oogst was created from the need to highlight more work from creators who incorporate their roots into it.



Info & Tickets

  • Sat 16 Mar
  • 15:00 - 23:00