This summer we present Pllek Live Stage – Outdoor! This is the perfect combination of our beach, a stage, (live) music and sultry summer nights! The line-up is different every time, be surprised or keep an eye out for our website and socials!

Bare Jams started out in 2011 with the aim of breaking their serial festival fence-jumping habit, schoolmates Ollie and Sam hunkered down in Sam’s garden shed, later known as the Bare Jams cave, to jam and write original music, performing as an energetic acoustic duo. After recruiting D-Slice on bass the band began to evolve into to a flamboyant, high energy everchanging collective finally settling on their current 6-piece line up in 2018 – a sonically tight tour-de-force of experienced musical alchemists effortlessly cooking up a credible fusion of musical styles with a sound that is uniquely their own. They are a frequent must-see on festival aficionados’ lists with the band’s reputation for tight and exuberant, yet wholesomely candid performances frequently filling tents to their sweaty capacities. Never ones to keep still, the band continues to delight fans old and new bringing a relentless energy that envelopes a core moral message to both their live performances and recorded music.


Their new EP ‘Forbidden Fruits’ dropped today, so give it a listen to get in the mood!

Info & Tickets

  • Fri 30 Jun
  • 21:30 - 22:30