Renowned DJ’s (national and international) turn every night into a party. Expect a groovy mix of Afro, Soul, Funk, House and Techno and drink and dance until the wee hours!

You cannot accuse Eric de Man of having tunnel vision. This musical omnivore is at home in many genres. Influences from far and wide are transformed into steaming, funk-infused grooves, as only Eric can create and spin. Evergreens like “I Am Somebody” (with Gert van Veen) and “Saturdaynight” (with Colonel Adams) are undeniable proof of this. And the countless dance floors he has mesmerized over the past fourteen years can attest to it.

Eric’s renowned sets as a resident DJ at Club Risk, Now & Wow, and Welcome to the Future have been the inspiration for many artists to spin with the same infectious enthusiasm. Legendary releases under his alias Astrophunk still fetch high prices on Discogs. However, Eric is not the type of person to fixate on his illustrious DJing past. Under the motto “It ain’t where you’re from, it’s where you’re at,” he has long set his sights on the future.

After a few experimental years, Eric is back where we love to see him: a fish in the familiar waters of funky jacking Chicago grooves. His residency for WKND at Studio 80 has played a significant role in this, bringing in a fresh influx of classic house with a futuristic edge. Inspired by his background and all the new developments in electronic music, Eric spins house for the twenty-first century. Or as they would say in the cult film “Paris Is Burning,” “Future Roots For Legendary Children.”

Entrance is free!


Info & Tickets

  • Sat 27 May
  • 23:00 - 03:00