Restaurant Pllek in Amsterdam is the example of what sustainability should look like nowadays

Falco Eleanorae Award, Jury

Pllek has a mission:

Serving an experience with a menu of which you can order with confidence and a peace of mind, without compromising on taste and quality!

And we’ve  accomplished that! In the past years we created dishes with unique flavour combinations, matching to each season,  that are obtained and prepared as sustainable as possible. We’re proud to say that we present a signature dish each season, that attract people from far and wide!

We work with as many locally sourced and organic products as possible, because we believe in a menu that leaves the lowest possible foodprint on our planet.

That is why more than 75% of our menu options are vegetarian and over 25% vegan. The meat and fish we do serve, come from the wild. We serve good karma through feel good food!