• Tue 19 Sep
  • 20:15 - 21:45

Films With a View is back! Every Tuesday – until the end of summer -, you enjoy the best, most hilarious, exciting, thrilling or spiking movies on our beach, with a view: the best one in town! 

Strawberry Mansion  (2021) is set in a futuristic, surrealistic world. Dreams are recorded and taxed by the government. James Preble (Kentucker Audley) is a tax inspector who has to tax people’s dreams. When James meets and elderly woman named Bella, he gets caught up in her dreamworld, where fantasy and reality collide. While James dives deeper into Bella’s dreamworld, he is confronted with is own memories about his youth, heartache and longings.

Strawberry Mansion explores themes such as memory, imagination and the power of dreams!

Please note: FWAV only takes place when it’s dry. On the day of the movie, around 12:00 PM, we will communicate if the movie will take place (FacebookInstagram & website).

Price per person is €9.  It’s not possible to make a reservation beforehand.  The headphones (which is your ticket) can be rented at the beamer/projector on our beach, the night of the movie.

All English-speaking movies are subtitled in Dutch. Any other spoken language will be subtitled in English.

We will take care of enough seatings, bean bags and blankets!

Films With a View is proudly presented by Outdoor Cinema & Beefeater Gin.