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zondag 11 augustus

Sacred stance through the Maori voice – Workshop 

Sunday August 11th Matiu te Huki will give an interactive workshop which covers traditional Maori practices. The workshop includes the warrior energy of haka (traditional power dance), the hongi (sharing the breath of life), story, the art of introduction, song, and more. This workshop also covers several simple yet extremely powerful masculine/feminine practices that are profoundly honoring, healing, connecting and empowering. The impact from this is currently sending waves around the planet.


Workshop: 13:00 till 16:00
Price: 17,5
Ticket: ticket for the workshop via this link
Facebookevent: Global Traditions | Workshop with Matiu
Live performance: After the workshop Matiu will do a live performance at 17:00, depending on the weather this will take place either outside on the beach or inside in the restaurant. More info here.

About the workshop

This workshop is suitable for anyone up for real growth. Participants will leave with ancient yet practical tools to support them in the way they stand, speak, listen, connect and move powerfully through this life. So, would you like to feel grounded, strongly connected to spirit, the ancestors and all people present when speaking in a group? Do you want to step into your power as a leader? Are you ready for people to really tune in and hear your words of acknowledgement and honour? Feel more confident in your own skin? Find your warrior and embrace your internal bad ass? These are some of the things we’ll be diving into together in this workshop.

Workshop Testimonials:

I felt new strength to be in integrity with myself and power to speak from this place within. The workshop was a beautiful experience of the love and trust that is possible in community – and that resonated for ages and flowed into all my interactions moving through life.

It’s not often in life, that I’ve met someone so powerfully walking their talk, that by their presence alone they can offer a deep transformational experience. I have felt this on both the occasions I’ve had the pleasure to cross Matiu’s path. He has an ability to hold space and guide an opening and understanding of the moment, and the current times. Of divine male/female divide, and the healing available to individuals and our collective. I would highly recommend engaging with him on any level, it’s definitely been a rewarding and growth promoting experience in my journey.



Binnen deze serie van Pllek maak je op een toegankelijke manier kennis met tradities en gebruiken van culturen wereldwijd. Dompel jezelf onder tijdens een workshop, duik in het onbekende en leer nieuwe skills. Grenzeloze wijsheden, dichtbij huis.