29 Juli 2017
The Light Side of the Full Moon

The Light Side of the Full Moon

The Light Side of the Full Moon is a festival of fusion. Music, food, art, dance - all meets at Pllek in Amsterdam Noord on the 29th of July. Everyone, no matter his or her background, is invited to come together and experience the light side of life!

If you want to eat delicious Middle Eastern food, dance dabka holding hands with people from cultures completely different from yours or if you are simply interested in the lighter side of Syria - you are invited! There are Syrian and Dutch performers, mixing cultures and traditions to show new perspectives and positivity. 

“We came here with a new color. Imagine there’s a color that you’ve never seen in your life and, suddenly, it’s there. We are that color. People who come to the festival will discover this new color.” 

- - -

Festival 17:00 - 05:00 (free entrance until 22:00)
Party: 22:00 - 05:00

Combi Ticket: € 30,00 (dinner + party)
Party Ticket: € 15,00 (from 22.00 onward)